Ever since I was a young boy, I've been interested in creating beautiful works of art that would move people and connect with them in a meaningful way. As a professional Artist and Sculptor I am still driven by the same desire I had as a child, and I am committed to the creation of beautiful and meaningful works of art, whether they be monumental statues, portrait busts, or imaginative or allegorical sculptures.

  • Process: Conceptual drawings and renderings in clay. More drawings and more concepts in clay. Deep contemplation and reflection. And then more drawings and concepts in clay. Desired concept chosen, the work begins and is finished, and pending approval it is off to the foundry to be molded and cast in bronze.

  • Specializing in but not limited to:

         Monumental sculptures in bronze

         Historical statues in bronze

         Portraiture in bronze and stone

         Figure sculpture

         Allegorical and Symbolic pieces 


         Imaginative works 

         Altar pieces




List of Commissioned Works:


  • Bronze relief panel, private commission, 2015-19

  • Angel, private commission, 2013-14; Lynndyl Cemetery

  • Pacini Fountain, Private Commission, 2014

  • Esther Motanic Memorial, Pendleton Oregon, 2013

  • Hands of Man, multi-figure sculpture private commission, 2009-13

  • Garden City Kansas memorial, 2012

  • Commission, Bull after Isidore Bonheur, private commission 2011

  • Commission for the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, 2011

  • Memorial of T.J. Yates, for Yates Family in Austin, Texas, 2010

  • Beckstead Memorial, five-figure, nine-foot bronze monument of founding family for South Jordan City, Utah 2008-09

  • Two Monuments for This Is The Place State Park in Salt Lake City Utah, Statue 1 – four figures twice life size (12 feet tall), Statue 2 – five figures twice life size (12 feet tall), collaborative work, 2007-2010

  • Portrait in Marble, Pietrasanta Italy, 2009

  • Figure titled Divinity, ARC International Salon award recipient, bronze 2006

  • Finalist for Utah State Capitol Renovation project, four maquettes created, 2005



Awards and Exhibitions


National Sculpture Society

·         Elected member of the National Sculpture Society, Current.

. 2017, Alex J. Ettl Grant Recipient, June 2017, NSS Conference

·         2014, 1st place, National Sculpture Society Figurative Sculpture Competition                          

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ARC International Salon

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Springville Museum of Art


  • 2018, Award of Merit, Religious and Spiritual Show

  • 2017, Honorable Mention, Religious and Spiritual Show

  • 2016-2017, Classical Traditions exhibit

  • 2016, Forgotten Angels exhibit, November 2016-January 2017

  • 2015, 3rd place Overall, Religious and Spiritual Show

  • 2014, 3rd place Overall, Religious and Spiritual Show

  • 2013, 2nd place Overall, Religious and Spiritual Show

  • 2011, Curatorial Award, Fall Show

  • 2007, Award of Merit and Honored Artist in the Spring Salon


American Art Awards


·         2014, 3rd place, representational sculpture category




·         Member of the National Sculpture Society, Current

·         Out-of-State Member of the California Art Club, Current

·         Honored Artist of Utah, Current


Represented by 

  • Anthony's Fine Art

  • T.H. Brennin Gallery